Cranio Sound Healing

dsc02706 scaledCraniosacral Therapy and Healing are in principle two separate treatments and yet they have similarities in many respects. Cranio and Healing look at the person as a whole. Body, mind and soul are inextricably connected.

Cranio is a deep and healing contact with silence, with the wisdom of your body. It connects your body & mind and lets you come home to yourself. It brings you back to a feeling of unity of body & mind.

Cranio gently releases what is stuck, allowing you as a person to utilize your full potential.

Healing is an alternative medicine that works on the energy level (aura, chakras and meridians). Healing affects the energy body in some way. This can be done, among other things, with the help of sound vibrations. Everything is energy, including vibration, color or sound. And this affects the energy body and therefore also the physical body.

Energetic treatments bring you to a different vibration level, allowing everything to flow again.

In my practice I have combined these two forms. I provide a basic treatment of Craniosacral Therapy and I also provide Sound Healing with gongs, different types of singing bowls and other overtone instruments.


What is the role of the Singing Bowls and the Gong?

dsc02761 scaledThe singing bowls, gong and other instruments give you attention. All with their own sound and vibration to help you relax.

The gong plays an important role in a singing bowl session. The Gong gives you deep relaxation and has a positive effect on your nervous system, your muscle tissue and your thinking. It gives both your body and mind a deep state of peace.

The vibrations of the sounds take you along in their wave movements. Your body consists of 70% water. Water is a very good conductor and functions as a communicator.

The result is a subtle inner massage, which has a healing effect on body and mind. Sound is a vibration that goes straight to the heart through your senses. These are vibrations that we not only hear but also feel in every cell of our body.

  • Do you feel out of balance and restless?
  • Are you not feeling well?
  • Are you tired, empty or overstimulated?
  • Do you suffer from stress, tension or burnout?
  • You have little contact with your feelings or yourself Are you depressed, anxious or blocked?

Then Cranio-Sound Healing is for you!


dsc02706 scaled

The treatment

For both treatments, you will lie fully clothed (with only shoes off) on a treatment table in a quiet room. I start with Cranio and this transitions into sound healing with singing bowls. The singing bowls surround the treatment table and can also be placed on your body during the treatment. You are carried away by the sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls, gong and other instruments.

After the treatment

The treatment continues to work for a while. During this time, people may experience complaints such as fatigue, flu-like symptoms or the complaint may temporarily worsen. This is normal and even a good sign. It is important to drink a lot of water and consciously pay attention to your emotions, old limiting thoughts and patterns. By consciously recognizing and feeling this, it will be cleared from your system more quickly.

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