Workshop 'Working on your inner self'

‘Working on inner self, to get closer to your true self’.

The world is changing very quickly!

We live in a time of change and transformation. We are bombarded with advertisements and negative news. A lot is happening in the world around us and therefore also a lot in the world within us. It is not surprising that we can feel insecure about our future.

How do you ensure that you stay (close to) yourself in this rapidly changing world? Do you follow your heart, your gut, your intuition? How do you navigate correctly, what is your strength and what are your pitfalls? Where lies your potential for wisdom? How do you distinguish between 'nature' and 'nurture'?

Stress is becoming an increasingly important factor in our lives and affects our health.
Of course, we need a level of stress to respond well to certain events in our lives, but when we are under constant pressure and feel that way, we can lose our 'true self'. And if we lose our true self, we can no longer enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer.

Some symptoms that may arise are:

  • Stress which can lead to a burn-out
  • Restless, Poor, and irregular sleep
  • Unhealthy eating, excessive alcohol/medication use
  • Little activity and/or exercise
  • Social isolation

Finding yourself is quite difficult. You can talk about it with people around you, but the real change must come from within you and then it is nice if there is someone to help you with that.

The Workshop: working on inner self, to get closer to your true self’© has been specially developed by me to let you work on yourself, from within yourself in an intuitive & creative way in a quiet environment to get closer to your true self.

Ninfas Mágicas helps you step by step to:

  • Personal growth
  • Insight
  • Connection
  • Silence & Peace within yourself
  • Closer to your 'true' power

You follow this 1-on-1 where you work on yourself in silence. What is important is that you really reserve that day for yourself. It's a process.

Before you come to my practice, I prepare myself and 'tune' into your energy (in other words, I connect myself with your energy), to see which colors come through for you and, if necessary, I see what other information comes through that are necessary to work on or process during the workshop. We will work with these colors and information.

Duration: 4 to 5 hours from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Costs: €175, - this includes all materials to make a painting/mood board, lunch, coffee and tea.

(In total it takes me 6 to 7 hours workshop inclusive. The preparation in advance and writing the report afterwards).

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